September 11th in Bible Prophecy

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This website is designed as a study for Seventh-day Adventists into the events of September the 11th in Bible prophecy. It is the purpose of this study to offer evidence from the Bible and the writings of Ellen G. White, that on Sept. 11th, the following end-time events began:

    The Third Woe.
    The Four Winds were restrained.
    The Sealing began.
    The Judgment of the Living began.
    The Anger of the Nations began.
    The Latter Rain began to sprinkle.

This website in no way offers a comprehensive study on this subject, but is intended to present enough evidence from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy by Ellen G. White that the latter rain is being sprinkled, encouraging you to study this matter further. You will no doubt have questions that are not answered here. Please feel free to email me with any comments and questions at

You can click on each chapter on the Menu Bar on the left, but it is strongly advised to start at the first chapter as the information builds upon itself. To go to the first chapter now, please click The Third Woe